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Child Focused Care 

Due to the pandemic, many families have elected to keep their children at home. Now, more than ever, specialized childcare in the home is important. 

If your child cannot attend a daycare facility, why not bring an advanced childcare worker into your home?!? We place ECEs and ECAs in the home to work with and care for your children; the next best thing to daycare quality support!

Child-Focused Day Care

Our advanced child care workers are not your typical nanny. They will provide child focused care while you work. You can expect your childcare worker to participate in meal prep and tidying related to the care of your children.

Child- Focused After Care

Looking for after hours care? We place advanced child care workers in the home after school and on weekends to engage your children in learning and creative play.


Our Fee Structure

Finder’s Fee: One-time fee of $750 plus candidate’s hourly wage (typically $20-23/hr, $23-25/hr for driver/French speaking candidate)

Child-Focused Care: Why Choose Us
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